Regeneration was founded by Sam Ngumba Ngaruiya and Lilian Wangari Mungai-Ngumba in September 2011. The owners perceived the need to recycle the multitude of plastic bags that litter the environment.

Several years of intense research continued to find ways to remove plastic waste from the environment in a self-sustaining way. The solution for Regeneration is to make waste a valued commodity; the cleaning of the environment then becomes self-sustaining.

This is accomplished by establishing collection schemes for recyclable materials from the source, as well as from waste collectors and agents. The materials are sorted, washed, granulated and sold. From these recycled materials Regeneration also manufactures unique eco-construction materials such as poles, pavers, roofing tiles, recycled plastic bags and containers. The company operates in three key areas: Waste Management, Recycling & Manufacturing and in the future, an Organic Waste Division of the company which will use organic waste portions to make organic fertilizer and methane gas for the generation of electricity.

sam ngaruiya

Chief Executive Officer

lilian wangari

Administrative & Marketing Director


Provide excellent raw manufacturing input products and innovative eco-construction products from recycled materials and provide leading edge environmental products and services..


To convert waste into a marketable commodity as a means of environmental and community enrichment and as a profit generator for the company as well as local communities