The Making of a Boat From Waste Plastics

The idea of collecting plastic waste from the Kenyan coastline and making a boat out of it that will sail a distance of 5,250 kilometres from Lamu to Cape Town might sound a little crazy to you. But this is exactly what Ben Morison (and team) is doing, with a mission of not only cleaning up the marine environment but also broadcast a loud message to the whole world about the impact that plastic is having on marine ecosystems, how this affects us, and what we can do about it.

Ben spent a decade building a travel business focused on Africa – aided and abetted by lots of photos of the glorious Indian Ocean coastline from Kenya down to Cape Town. As a direct response to the alarming degradation of this coastline by plastics, and flip flops in particular, Ben started the FlipFlopi Project.

Regeneration Environmental  Services Ltd, which was started with the mission of regenerating plastic waste into high quality eco-construction products, partnered with The FlipFlopi Project to recycle plastic waste collected from the Kenyan coastline and turn them into the different parts of the boat – from the keel to the deck – with which the FlipFlopi dhow will be built from.

Collection of Plastic Waste

Plastic is regenerated to make the various parts of the boat

Loading Boat Parts for Transportation to Lamu

Various media houses attended the send-off of the first pieces of the sailboat to Lamu. Below is a brief interview by KBC Channel 1