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Press Release 17-01-2017

History Made in Malindi: First Dhow Made with Recycled Plastics!

History is in the making at a small factory in Malindi, which is producing the first dhow made with recycled plastics.

Regeneration Environmental Services was given the monumental task of creating all the pieces for the Flipflopi Expedition Dhow, a 60 ft sailboat that will sail the 5000 Km from LAMU (KENYA) to CAPE TOWN (SOUTH AFRICA), later this year. The Malindi-based company, which specializes in converting plastic wastes into valuable products, such as fencing post, paving blocks and road signs using recycled plastics, is inviting the public to view the first set of pieces before their delivery to Lamu.

This new project, which started in October 2016, has produced the first eight large pieces that form the skeleton of the dhow. The send-off is on Friday January 20, 2017 at 8:30 am. The public is invited to view these unique recycled plastics dhow parts from 7am to 9am.

The dhow parts include two 10 m Keels, the Front and Back Mulis, the Front and Back Bitanan, the Turusi and its Bitana.

Owner and CEO Sam Ngaruiya explained that “the Flipflopi project fits perfectly with Regeneration’s key objective of cleaning the environment by creating sustainable business opportunities and great products from plastic wastes.”

Over 10 tons of recycled plastics have been used on this project so far, and it’s estimated that this could reach over 25 tons of plastics regenerated into a dhow that sails.

The Flipflopi Expedition is the brainchild of Ben Morrison, who conceived of the venture to bring awareness to the growing environmental issue of plastic wastes in the ocean. Mr. Morrison reminds us that “Plastic pollution is costing billions to abate. 12 million tons of plastic enters the ocean each year and, as a result, everything suffers: tourism, recreation, business, the health of humans, animals, fish and birds.”

Recyclable plastics enter the Indian Ocean from many continents and countries. Scientific research shows that, by 2050, the ratio of fish to plastic in the ocean will be 1:1. It is already a major problem on our Malindi-Watamu coastline. Watamu’s Turtle Rescue Teams at Ocean Trust see the negative impact of this tragedy daily, as they rescue endangered sea turtles entangled in plastic webs, and those that have ingested plastics. Regeneration is an example of how local companies can work to make a difference globally.

All well-wishers are invited to follow this special project online at:, and are invited to participate in this historical project by supporting the project with donations of funds and/or plastics. Please bring your clean plastics to Regeneration’s factory in central Malindi or in Watamu, at the Local Ocean Trust or Ocean Sport Hotel. Directions and additional information can be obtained at:

For more information, and to schedule interviews, please contact:

Sam Ngaruiya

+254 724 172 458